🌸 Affiliate Program 🌸


Earn a 15% sales commission by referring 'Luna's Links'.
How does it work?
It's simple! Easy, and Quick, Quick! 
Create an affiliate account, obtain your personalized web links, share them to your friends or social accounts, and start earning commissions as soon as purchases are tracked though your links. 
Signing up only takes a few seconds!

Create your Affiliate Account here: 


First, once signed in, you can change the last letters to your referral link by going to the settings page, and changing the name under ‘referral code’.  

Your referral link shown on the top of the home page should now reflect your chosen name at the end of the link instead of a few random numbers and letters.   

Second, you can also change the coupon code, simply by clicking ‘change coupon code’ on the home page. 

Third, you can find images for your Facebook, Instagram feeds, or stories under the 'marketing tools' tab.  

I wasn't able to upload any videos. So please reach out if you’d like to use videos for your stories or feeds, and I will email them to you instead!

Fourth, Posts that link directly to a single product page do a lot better than if someone was sent to the entire home store page.  

Although people enjoy browsing the site, they often get decision fatigue and leave without a purchase.  

This is why I recommend finding the product page on my website of what you will be advertising and converting it into your own direct personal affiliate link on the ‘Marketing Tools’ page.  

Sixth, not required but would like to get to know you through your filled-out profile info on the Settings page. This way I may get ideas and maybe even be able to help you personally. 

Seventh, payments are processed through pay pal. Please let me know if you do not have a pay pal account or need help setting it up.  

Any other questions? 
Email: Hey@LunaLucia.com or Call: 1844-Hey-Luna